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What does Craft Media Solutions do exactly? In two words: Specified Creativity. We know that every customer is unique with different goals, which is why you will never receive a cookie-cutter approach to our work. Let us sit down with you over coffee, or a beer, and hear you out. Together we’ll work to form a foundation for success built on solid and efficient web, social media, and brand designs.

We provide the following services:


Great photography will enhance the visual appeal to virtually every aspect of your marketing. We work with our clients to identify the aesthetic approach that best fits their brand, and offer everything from portraiture, product, architectural, and lifestyle photography to fulfill their needs with stunning visual content.

Website design & development

Everyone knows your business needs a website, but for your business to shine in today’s competitive market you need a website that performs a cut above the rest. Our crack web designers will work with you to learn about your specific online needs, and create a cutting edge site that promotes your business efficiently as well as beautifully.

Social Media setup (+monthly management)

In the words of someone much smarter than us, “Social media is an ingredient, not an entree.” We pride ourselves on delivering powerful social media outreach not for the sake of outreach itself, but to make the uniqueness of what your company does known to the masses. We will target your market and promote your business to a demographic specific to your customer base. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so much more – our social media team will make these systems work together to give you one solid voice throughout.

Logo/Identity design

Your brand is your business’s most important identifier. It speaks volumes about your company and can be the first impression that gets your products or services noticed. Whether your company is starting from scratch, or is long overdue for a redesign, let us work with you to create logos and identity designs that make your business more approachable.

PR (+ press releases, event management, print & online advertising)

Generating the proper press release or print ad means identifying your audience and standing out among the competition. Our public relations team can do everything from event coordination to online advertising. Let us help you take the next step towards success.

Merchandise (t-shirts, stickers, bottle openers, etc)

Everyone… and we mean EVERYONE, loves some good swag. Use your branding to your advantage and let us design the best looking t-shirts, stickers, key chains, and coasters that will leave your clients displaying your company with pride.

Collateral materials

Postcards? Check. Brochures? Check. Point of Sale? Check. Let us design, print, and deliver your collateral materials on time and on budget, integrated seamlessly with your branding.


Video is an increasingly important aspect of brand awareness. Reach new customers and keep those you already have through online video content. Whether we’re telling the story of your founder, displaying your unique craftsmanship, or showcasing a recent event, video can engage your customer base and keep you in their minds.


Keeping content fresh and up to date can be tiresome. We can identify topics and conversation starters that will lead to new copy, keeping your blog and marketing material up to date.

Consultation/Project Management

We don’t just advise, we listen. If your company has been finding difficulties in your customer approach we are here to help. We offer consulting services on any topic we cover, from social media and public relations to website and logo development. We’re a good bunch to have in your corner!

Looking to get started with our services?